The Runaway – Chapter 38: A Jungle Surprise

Alice, Jamie and Shingo were now back at home after the long flight back from their fantastic vacation in Selvadorada.

Ch38 1 Back home

Alice had acquired a chest when they arrived home, which she used to store some of the artefacts, ready for when she was able to purchase an archaeology table.

Alice and Jamie were in the middle of eating a quick meal but Jamie had to stop to give Shingo a pet as, despite their very long journey, Shingo was in a very energetic and playful mood.

Ch38 2 Excitable Shingo

Now that they were fed, Alice and Jamie both took turns freshening up in the bathroom and changed into their normal clothes and then Jamie emptied the hamper and put the clothes in the washing machine.

Ch38 3 Jamie washing clothes

With all of their vacation days used up, Alice and Jamie were both due back at work the very next day so Jamie headed to bed. Alice went upstairs, as well, but she didn’t need to sleep so instead she spent the night working on her logic skill.

Shingo finally gave in to all the excitement and curled up in a ball near Alice and went to sleep.

Ch38 5 Tired Shingo

As the morning came around, Alice began to feel very sick indeed and she soon discovered that unauthenticated artefacts and temple treasures weren’t all they’d brought back from the jungle; she was, in fact, pregnant!

When Jamie finally awoke she told him the big news and he was absolutely thrilled.

Ch38 6 Big News

When Alice arrived at work, she was pleased to see that it was a daily experimentation day. As she put on her lab coat she wondered if her co-workers would notice her little baby bump.

Ch38 8 Baby Bump

Alice’s first task of the day was to upgrade the SimRay with the Mind control: Clean function, so she headed inside and after placing Blaster onto the floor of the Invention Constructor she set the little robot to work.

Ch38 9 Mind Control Clean

Next, Alice needed to use the SimRay to mind control a sim to clean up, so she headed over to Advaith, who was busy using the microscope, and tested out the new feature. After using the SimRay on him, to her surprise, Advaith immediately wandered off and headed upstairs to the kitchen and began cleaning a counter.

Ch38 10 Mind controlling Advaith

Her next task was to create a synthetic food serum at the Chemical Lab. Alice mixed up the serum and when it was complete, she needed to test it out on a co-worker.

Sitting at a computer, nearby, was Lisa Redd. Alice decided that she would be perfect for the test and promptly went over to her to offer the serum. Surprisingly, Lisa took the serum without any questions and emptied the glass in one quick gulp.

Ch38 12 Testing the food serum.png

It was unclear what the effects of the serum actually were, but nothing bad seemed to happen, so Alice took that as a good sign. Seeing as though, Lisa was free to talk, Alice decided to take the opportunity to share her big news and Lisa was very happy about it.

Ch38 13 Sharing the big news

Whilst Lisa was in a good mood, Alice decided now would be a good time to ask for a metal and then she ordered her to do some gardening. Lisa headed straight outside and tended to the plants.

Ch38 14 Ordering to garden

Alice’s last task of the day was to use the satellite dish to make contact with aliens. She was a little bit apprehensive about this task, but she’d had her orders so she had to complete the task.

She wandered outside and placed the satellite dish into the ground, configured the settings and pushed the button. Immediately a bright blue beam shot out of the dish and straight up into the sky and then no sooner had it started, it stopped and she packed it away again.

Ch38 15 Contacting aliens

Only time would tell if she had indeed managed to contact aliens, but the thought of it being successful sent a shiver down Alice’s spine.

Alice had now completed all of her tasks for the day and she was only halfway through her shift. She was feeling quite peckish, so she decided to head upstairs to the staff kitchen to get some food and selected a plate of Faux BLT from the vending machine.

Ch38 16 Lunch break

She sat at the table to eat and then when she was finished she spent the remainder of her shift, outside, working on the rocket ship. It still needed a lot of work before it was complete and Alice was starting to think it was an impossible task.

Ch38 17 Working on the rocket ship

When Alice finally returned home, Shingo was very happy to see her. Jamie had already finished work and was sat watching a program. Sadly, neither of them had received promotions, but Alice was sure they would receive another one soon. She stopped to give Shingo some attention and then greeted Jamie with a kiss.

Ch38 18 Happy ShingoCh38 19 Kissing Jamie

As Alice was getting changed after work, she couldn’t help looking around their house and thought to herself that with a baby on the way they were going to have to consider moving. She loved the little house that she’d worked hard to build, but they were going to need more space and so it was time to find somewhere new.

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Author’s Notes:

With Alice’s pregnancy, for some reason, the game decided to skip letting me have her take a pregnancy test. It was an option before they travelled back from Selvadorada, but when I loaded up the save to play out this chapter, the option was gone and she was suddenly pregnant with no notification to let me know lol I just happened to notice her bump and then saw the pregnancy moodlet. 

Ch38 B Pregnant

Jamie was very happy about the news, although I tried to get a screenshot and his face looked like he was sad, haha! So I had to go with the initial shot of Alice telling him. He did acquire a good moodlet though.

Ch38 C Happy Jamie

I had Jamie and Alice take some screenshots whilst on holiday and when I went to place them on the wall, one of the pictures appeared to be photo-bombed by a gnome… haha! I didn’t even know that was possible.

Ch38 A Photo Bombing Gnome

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