Let’s Play – Dexter’s Delights Bakery

I have created a Let's Play series, on my YouTube channel, where I take part in The Sims 4 Retail Store Challenge, created by AIRIS6962 and with a twist from Bree Miles. A quick overview of the rules is that you create a sim, purchase an empty lot, but don't build a home. You then … Continue reading Let’s Play – Dexter’s Delights Bakery

Hallow’s End – Vampire Lair | Speed Build Video

Hallow's End is a house built for Priscilla Noble, a lady from a noble household of vampire hunters. The only child of Marcus and Annette Noble, Priscilla was cursed to live a vampire life after her parents destroyed an elder vampire, bringing her families legacy to an end. The house is very dated and remains … Continue reading Hallow’s End – Vampire Lair | Speed Build Video

Vampire CAS – Priscilla Noble

For Halloween, I decided what better time than this to create my very first vampire. Meet Priscilla Noble An evil, insane and self-assured vampire with an aspiration to become 'The' Master Vampire in town. She lives at Hallow's End in Willow Creek, which was her family home growing up, but after being cursed to live … Continue reading Vampire CAS – Priscilla Noble

Oak Alcove Cabin |Speed Build Video

I recently saw a post on Twitter by a person named Rory where they were sharing a post to a build challenge for other people to recreate and after a week or so, mulling it over, I decided to try to have a go at recreating the build in The Sim 4. Basically, the idea … Continue reading Oak Alcove Cabin |Speed Build Video