YouTube Links

Welcome to my YouTube page, where you can find links to my channel and to the latest videos that I’ve uploaded. I’m going to write a mini-post about each build and Let’s Play Series.

My Inner Sim YouTube Channel

I have recently started making my own YouTube videos. I’m currently working on Speed Build videos and two Let’s Plays; Dexter’s Delight’s Bakery and Paws for Thought

Let’s Play: Paws for Thought

Here you can find out about my newest Let’s Play Paws for Thought, including links to the playlist on YouTube.

Let’s Play: Dexter’s Delights Bakery

Here you can find out about my Let’s Play Dexter’s Delights Bakery, where I take part in the Retail Store Challenge, created by AIRIS6962 and with a twist from Bree Miles. You can also find a link to the rules on the Sims 4 forum and a link to my YouTube Playlist.

Speed Build Videos

Here you can find a collection of posts about my speed build videos that I have created for YouTube, including links to the videos.

Oak Alcove Cabin

This is a build challenge made by RoryPlays for July 2017. She can be found on Twitch, Youtube and her name links to her Twitter account.

Youtube rorys july build thumbnail2